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( Dennis Winson, DDS, Washington DC's leading gum laser surgeon/periodontist, offers the Lanap Dental Laser to treat gum disease, failing dental implants, tooth implant failure, bleeding gums with this painless dental laser procedure. This procedure is covered by most dental insurances.)

FAILING DENTAL IMPLANTS Dental Laser treatments helps to improve the environment and restore health the gum tissue.

FAST HEALING LANAP™ laser gum treatment creates an healthy environment that allows your body to heal itself. With no stitches or painful cutting. Added benefit – LITTLE TO NO SWELLING.

LITTLE DISCOMFORT Many of our patients say that there is little or virtually no discomfort or pain, during and after the dental laser periodontal gum treatment with LANAP™.

SHORT RECOVERY There little to no recovery time – no time need to take off work or reschedule other activities.

MINIMAL REDUCTION OF GUM TISSUE There is very small reduction of gum tissue during dental laser gum treatment (unlike traditional periodontal surgery).

REDUCED INFLAMMATION LANAP™ can decrease in the inflammation, swelling, and redness in your mouth.

ELIMINATION OF BACTERIA This treatment can eliminate and remove the infection associated with periodontal gum disease.

REDUCE BLEEDING GUMS LANAP™ can decrease your bleeding gums and improve all over dental health.

MINIMAL BLEEDING Very little to no bleeding during laser gum treatment unlike traditional gum surgery.

PREVENTS TOOTH LOSS LANAP™ can reduce the loss of your teeth as well as help strengthen the surrounding gum tissue round loose teeth.

SAFE FOR PATIENTS LANAP™ gum laser treatment is safe for patients with health concerns such as diabetes, HIV, haemophilia, or those taking medications.