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Advanced Laser Periodontics Washington DC

Consider Our Painless Gum Laser (LANAP) Surgery!

(Washingtonian TOP Dentist Dennis Winson, DDS, Washington DC’s leading gum laser surgeon/periodontist, offers the Lanap Dental Laser to treat gum disease, failing dental implants, tooth implant failure, bleeding gums with this painless dental laser procedure. This procedure is covered by most dental insurances.) Washington DC Periodontist

PAINLESS LASER GUM SURGERY – What is Laser Periodontal Therapy™?

Laser Periodontal Therapy™ also known as LANAP is a laser based technique for the treatment of periodontal disease using the PerioLaser. Your fear of periodontal treatments such as surgery , will disappear when you discover there is no longer scalpel or sutures with this new procedure. Mild to no pain, this laser gum technology is covered by most dental insurance. Call or text us today to learn more.

The Advanced Laser Periodontics, Dr. Dennis Winson is the Washington DC area’s first to offer Laser Periodontal Therapy™ for the treatment of gingivitis and/or periodontitis.

How does this treatment work?

Tartar, associated with inflamed and bleeding gums, is removed form the root surface of the tooth using an ultrasonic scaler and small instruments. Then, a small amount of light energy from the Periolase is directed through a tiny fiber, which is gently placed between the gum and tooth. This laser light energy removes a tiny amount of diseased tissue and aids in reducing the bacteria associated with the disease. After the area is thoroughly cleaned, the body can heal the area naturally.


We offer PAINLESS LASER GUM SURGERY – Bleeding Gums? Missing Teeth? Failing Dental Implants? Call Washingtonian TOP Dentist, Dennis E. Winson, DDS. Today!

Washingtonian TOP Dentist, Dennis Winson, DDS Laser Gum Surgeon, Periodontist
Step 1 - Painless Laser Gum Surgery
Painless Laser Gum Surgery
Step 3 - Painless Laser Gum Surgery
Step 4 - Painless Laser Gum Surgery
Step 5 - Painless Laser Gum Surgery
Step 6 - Painless Laser Gum Surgery


Starting at $187 per month for NEW TEETH! ** Missing Teeth? Failing Dental Implants? Call Washingtonian TOP Dentist, Dennis E. Winson, DDS, for help with your dental problems such as broken teeth, bad breath etc. Ask us about PAINLESS laser gum surgery (dental insurance covered in most cases).

Specializing in the Correction, Restoration and Replacement of Dental Implants,  Offer Painless Laser Gum Surgery, Dental Implant Repair, Dental Gum Grafting, Bleeding Gum Treatment, and Gum Disease Surgery. MOST DENTAL INSURANCE ACCEPTANCE. Call Now & ASK!

Need financing? Apply today for monthly dental implant payments as low as $187 per month (with approved credit)**

The information contained within the dental laser website is meant to provide general information about periodontal disease & laser treatment of periodontal disease. The information contained within this website is not intended to provide medical or dental advice, and should not be used as a substitute for medical and dental advice. Consult Dr. Dennis Winson for dental advice concerning your specific condition.

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    Advanced Laser Periodontics Washington DC

    Advanced Laser Periodontics Washington DC