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Visit Washingtonian Top Dentist Dr. Dennis Winson, for help with failing dental implants, bleeding gums, or painless laser gum surgery.

When to see a PERIODONTIST: Understanding what periodontitis is may not seem important to some people, but, did you know that once simple gingivitis progresses into periodontitis (the advanced form of gum disease) it becomes irreversible? Why wait until your dental options are limited?

These Are The Symptoms To Look For:

  • check-mark-1Red, swollen or tender gums or mouth pain.
  • check-mark-1Bleeding while brushing, flossing, or when you eat.
  • check-mark-1Gums that receding or pulling away from your teeth.
  • check-mark-1Loose or separating teeth.
  • check-mark-1Pus between your gums and teeth.
  • check-mark-1Mouth sores.
  • check-mark-1Persistent bad breath.
If you are experiencing gum issues, please contact us today. We support all communities of humanity. In other words, everyone is welcome to call  and ask questions and receive the best in dental care. Click on the link below to request a dental evaluation.

Bleeding Gums? Missing Teeth? Problems With Your Dental Implants?
Watch Dr. Dennis Winson speak on painless laser procedures that can help you restore your smile!!

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    Washingtonian Top Dentist, Dr. Dennis Winson, and staff at Davidson Dental Associates are committed to addressing each individual patient’s dental needs with the highest quality of service.

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    Creating a customized treatment plan for each of their patients periodontal issues, such as painless gum laser surgery or correcting dental implants issues! Listening to patients. Restoring Smiles.

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    Caring about the end result for each patient and the health of their gums!

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