Failing Dental Implants

Failing Dental Implants

Are Failing Dental Implant Complications Common?

Unfortunately, Washingtonian TOP Dentist, Dennis E. Winson is helping more and more dental patients with failing dental implants. He has extensive experience in implant dentistry and specializes in the correction of dental implant issues

The dental implant process is extremely technical and requires many steps. Tooth implants are an excellent option for replacing missing teeth when performed correctly.

Dental Implant REPAIR

Common reasons for failing dental implants include:

  • Dental Implant failure before or after placement of abutment
  • Loose Dental Implants
  • Poor cosmetic appearance
  • Exposure of the dental implant threads
  • Fractured tooth implants
  • Redness or bleeding around the implant area
  • Loose or poor fitting crowns

Have Your Dental Implants Become Loose?

If your dental implants have become loose, this issue usually occurs when osseointegration doesn’t take place. If this is the problem, and your dental implant is loose, the crown (tooth portion) could crack or fall off. If this happens, Dr. Winson will be able to repair the damage and fix the situation. The goal is to prevent this issue, by catching the dental implant issue early.

What Is Osseointegration?

This process is when the titanium dental implant fuses with your actual jawbone. When your body deposits bone around the tooth implant over the course of several months after your procedure and it should secure the implant in the same way it secures the natural root of a tooth. If that process is not fully completed, your dental implant will become loose. The stability of your implants depend mostly on your jawbone remaining dense and strong. If gum disease occurs or an infection deteriorating the surrounding bone happens, your implant could become loose and fail. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THIS HAPPENS. It is important to contact Dr. Winson if you notice any symptoms of gum disease, including red, swollen and bleeding gums. If you have pain, such as a toothache, call now for treatment right away. Doing so will prevent you from developing an infection that will create dental implant complications.

What If My Dental Implant Is Loose?

Call us right away. Dental implants will not tighten on their own, nor will the problem correct itself. If you attempt to self-diagnose and treat, you can end up damaging your jawbone. If your dental implants have failed or you are disappointed in the cosmetic / aesthetic appearance , please contact Dr. Winson for your comprehensive dental evaluation.

Dental Implant Complication Specialist

Can Failing Dental Implants Be Corrected?

It depends on which part of the dental implant needs to repaired. If the dental crown is cracked or broken, it can be replaced without disturbing the actual implant (titanium post). If your crown
falls out, bring it with you to your appointment. Dr. Winson will examine your broken crown and maybe able to correct without removing it. If the crown needs to be replaced, a new one can be created and attached back to the post (abutment).
If the case of your dental implant fails (the titanium post under the gum) this may require a 4 step process to correct. The first step is to carefully remove it, which may require surgery. Then depending on the condition of your jawbone, a bone graft may be necessary.

If your dental implant became loose due to not enough bone support around the post, it is impossible to correct the problem unless you remove the implant. Once removed, you will need to heal from this procedure before new implant can be replaced. Basically, starting the process all over again. If you faced with these circumstances, Dr. Winson can help you decide what option is best for you.

If One Dental Implant Fails, Will All Of Them Follow?

The odds are probably not. Although dental implants have a high success rate, if dental implant complications are caught early. you should be able to keep the rest. An exception to this is if you had an injury that caused an implant to fail, you should have all of your teeth examined to make sure that none of the rest are damaged.


Let’s Start With A Thorough Examination, Diagnosis, and Determine What Is Your Best Treatment Plan.

Please contact our office today. After your telephone consultation, and you come in for an appointment, Dr. Dennis E. Winson will give you a thorough exam to determine the best treatment plan to help you with your dental implant complications.

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